We interviewed more than 100 WFG Stars.  We’ve filmed almost 20 thus far.  Over the course of the year, we will release real and raw footage from some of the top WFG Stars like the ones on the right.

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Siebold and Rich Thawley on the Front Steps of the Bona Allen Mansion

Siebold and Rich Thawley on the front steps of the Bona Allen Mansion

Siebold and Tom Mathews on the Front Steps of the Bona Allen Mansion

Siebold and Tom Mathews on the front steps of the Bona Allen Mansion

Rich Thawley

Co-founder of World Financial Group. The 66-year old patriarch of the company and one it’s biggest stars.

Penney Ooi

One of WFG’s biggest leaders. Ooi oversees an army of associates and earns north of $5 million/year.

Paxton Fritsch

This police officer turned WFG millionaire is known for his candor and straight forward approach.

Julio Velazquez

This powerhouse from Puerto Rico was uprooted from Hurricane Maria, moved to Tampa and continues to build his WFG empire from the mainland. Velazquez is a master of mental toughness.

Deron Ferrell

Elvis impersonator turned WFG star. Ferrell brings a lifetime of experience to the industry that made him rich.

James Schwartz

Former military leader who parlayed his unique skills into a WFG fortune.

John Shin

Former attorney and martial arts champion that built a multimillion- dollar WFG dynasty.

Jay Maymi

Street tough entrepreneur that escaped Spanish Harlem by building his WFG business.

Tom Mathews

Co-founder of WFG, Mathews oversees a massive team of associates along with partner Bill Mitchell.

Eric Olson

College Football star that parlayed his unbridled ambition into WFG and built a financial services dynasty in his 20’s and 30’s.

Haihong Sun

Ph.D from the University of Illinois that built one of the largest WFG businesses in New York.

Rocky Shi

A Ph.D from Johns Hopkins University that built one of the largest and powerful teams in the history of the company.

Fradel Barber

Young New York dynamo that leads a massive team. Barber is an inspiration to young people across the world of WFG.

Jun Delacruz

Los Angeles based leader with a devoted army of agents that have made him one of the company’s most successful associates.

Chris Felton

A former Arthur Anderson protégé headed to the Fortune 500 C-suite, Felton jumped ship for WFG and became a self-made millionaire.

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